My story


My name is Joanna. I’m anendless investigator.

My extra-sensorial experiences started early in my childhood.In those days they were called supernatural gifts, but for me, they were allvery natural and formed a large part of my life. I could tune in to people’s energies; I could feel their feelings, read their thoughts and intentions, and I had lucid dreams of what was going to happen in the near future. I learned to activate this capacityby my will, and it connected me to the Universe and it’s wisdom.

That was the beginning of a lifelongsearch for answers, an exhaustive in-depth investigation on the different aspects of the human being, its energy structure andthe different levels of consciousness. I had a burning desire to understand how the human being, the being’s soul-level and the Universe were interrelated and functioning and what was the purpose of it all.

My research took me to study anatomy and physiology, psychology, Chinese medicine, oriental philosophies, religions, cosmology and metaphysics among others. I participated in various courses and conferences of energy healing, met with different shamans and gurus who initiated me in in-depth knowledge on the spiritual aspect of the human being.

The one who seeks – will find, And to the one who knocks- the door will be opened- Matthew 7:8

Beginning in the 1990s, I discovered the physics of Quantum Mechanics, which scientifically confirmed what I had already come to understand through my own experiences and research: the existence and structure of the Human Electromagnetic Fields andthe fields of the Superior Self,and the laws by which the energy behaves in these fields and in life in general. Finally, I was able to gather all the pieces of the complex puzzle called a “Human Being”, and found the words to start teaching the Human Energy Anatomypublicly.

I graduated as an Interior Architect and built projects for approximately ten years. However, I left it all to open my first Healing Centre in France in 2001.

As a healer, I’m deeply affected by the global human suffering andam totally dedicated to my mission: to Serve, Love, Help and Heal, and to educate people – to help the human consciousness to make a quantum leap towards a higher level of existence of self-realization, happiness, and abundance.