Shine philosophy

THE SHINE CONCEPT promotes the knowledge that each person possesses a personal glow within themselves, and that it starts to shine when we begin to use our innate talents and qualities in our everyday lives.

All living organisms, like cells, plants, animals and human beings, have aninnate coded programming, on how to survive, grow, stay healthy, evolve and what is the true meaning of their lives.

If each person would choose to follow their natural individual programming, by putting to practice their true innate gifts and qualities, realizing their hopes and dreams, it would bring them to feel their integrity, selfworthand passion towards life.

Self-realization is therefore thekey for true happiness.

The happier a person feels about himself –the more wellbeingwill hetransmitto his surroundings, whichautomatically in turn will convert himinto an actively contributing citizen, promoting the development of a more integral and happier society.

How can one find this innate programmingthat will let us SHINE our light?

With the energy healing treatments offered at the SHINE CENTER SPAIN, one will be energetically cleaned and re-aligned into one’s natural state of being, where the individual programming can be decoded, revealing the natural gifts and talents, and the real purpose of one’s life. Read more…